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One style


One Style is a one-year forward-thinking course for you who want to gain valuable experience, get new knowledge and improve your skills in one of the styles: Locking, House, Hiphop, Popping or Breaking. This course offers participants the chance to study with a dynamic and skilled group, to experiment and explore through freestyling. You will have great opportunities to develop your dance identity while working in small groups and studying a variety of topics, such as history, dance technique and culture. 

You will have three classes/week with your mentor, and two practical classes/week with your one-style group. Additionally, there will be afternoon classes on such as movement and physical. The course takes place at Åsa Folk High School (Åsa folkhögskola), Sköldinge, Sweden. 


About Åsa folkhögskola 

Åsa folkhögskola is located 1 hour from Stockholm in a village called Sköldinge, which offers different educational programs, such as dance, music and highschool studies. The school has a boarding school which means you live at the school and will take part in boarding school activities. School cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to friday. The main language at the school is Swedish but the dance courses are taught in English. 


Note: This year we are taking applications for Locking One Style 


Teachers 2022–2023

Hiphop – Nils Therén

House One Style – Fredrika Burvall & Joel Gläfke

Locking – Alexander "A-train" Dam, Jörgen “Funky Fedler” Vedeler

Popping – David Rigo, Ida "Inxi" Holmlund & P. Matthieu (Stockos)

Breaking – Mikael "Mike" Camara

Marketing – Clara Bajado


Prior knowledge

You must be 18 years or older and have a minimum few years experience within the style you are applying for. You must be free from injuries and be in good health.


Course length

1 year (15th of August - June)

Note! The course only starts if there is a sufficient number of applicants.


Important dates:

Application deadline: the application possibility have now expired. 

(Obs! Om du har svenskt personnummer ska du ansöka via Schoolsoft här.)

Please note: Online auditions are now closed.


How to Apply


In order to minimise the spread of COVID-19, auditions to the dance courses will be conducted online.


Online audition

Please note that the application possibility have now expired!


Video links

Introduction video around 5 min. (Introduce yourself, for what group you are applying for and why would you like to study at åsa) 

Freestyle dance video around one minute with the dance style you are applying for. 

Videos from cyphers and battles if you have.

(With sending videos upload them to youtube, vimeo etc. so that you can just send the link for us) 

After this section you will get a mail if you pass to the next section of the audition, and get new information about physical test and interviews


Online group interview and physical test. Physical test will be done over zoom 9.00-11.00 on friday 8th of april 2022 (Swedish time) and group interviews 13.00-17.00 on friday 8th april 2022. (Swedish time) 

If you are Muslim practising Ramadan you have the possibility to do the the physical test before hand. Email us for more info. 



The education is free. We offer student accommodation (including meals). Prices between 4925 SEK and 6775 SEK. For those who chose to not stay at the boarding school there will be a cost for 1000 SEK/semester, the sum covers copying, cleaning and morning coffee.  It is also recommended to save some money for possible personal travelling. 



Send your questions about the course and auditions to the course coordinators: Afra Hosseini and Alexander Dam.