Johanna Fröjd

Johanna Fröjd is based in Stockholm and a part of the house dance collective De La Vibe. Her biggest inspiration is the club culture, when the social and playful interaction between dancers and music takes place.

In class she has a social communicative approach where you together explore individuality and interaction with each other. House dance is not only about technical training, rhythm, dynamics and floor work, etc. Its about to get to the essentials of the style and music. From different perspectives you will work with improvisation methods and concepts to develop awareness in mind and body in dance and music.

Since 2010 she has worked in the field of dance, as a pedagogue, dancer, choreographer and organizing dance events and house clubs. Except her 2 years at the street dance program at Åsa Folkhögskola she has a bachelor’s degree in democracy and human rights at the University of Theology in Stockholm. With this background her dancing become much more, its a tool to communicate worldwide.