Matti "MattiWatti" Pulkkinen

Joensuu BBoys / Toistuvat Yllätykset

MattiWatti from Joensuu BBoys Crew and Toistuvat Yllätykset Hip Hop band is known for being hungry for the knowledge and calling people out in the circles around the world. He has been founding and working with different organizations related with street dance and hip hop culture. Matti has been part of founding the first Hip Hop Library in Finland and in Sweden which is located at the Åsa folkhögskola.

Studying breaking and Hip Hop culture since 2002 MattiWatti´s vision is nowadays to preserve the essentials and the history of the dance as good as possible for the future. Learning moves without knowing the stories behind the moves does not give the full satisfaction to Matti. Because the representatives of the first generations will soon not be there anymore to share their stories Matti collects the stories by travelling as much as possible.

Breaking has been a significant inspiration to Matti for learning about human’s health and how the body works. Along with self-study he graduated as a physiotherapist in 2016 from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä Finland. Having this background he sees training as a whole including strenght and movement training, prehab, recovery activities with healthy life styles in general on top of the artistic dance training. Yet life is much more than dance and physical training to Matti. For him Åsa folkhögskola gives a great chance to develop yourself as a person but one needs to be really open to connect with people and subjects outside the dance content.

Check MattiWatti enjoying the cyphers at the Just Jam 2017. Filming and editing by Repale13 (Reijo Sund)

Photo by Den / Fast bodies / Ruffneck Attack